Get the quality care you deserve and can afford.

At Logos Health, we are dedicated to providing personalized AND affordable medical care to employers, families and individuals through the benefits of Direct Primary Care (DPC). This allows us to save our members thousands of dollars every year in overall healthcare costs.

What Drives Us

"To provide exceptional, holistic, compassionate, personal and affordable primary care for the entire family."

In other words: We want you, your family and employees to receive the best and most thorough healthcare when you need it at a price that won't break the bank.

For the equivalent of a monthly cell phone bill, you can receive direct and timely primary health care services that are tailored to your individual needs.  


More Time

Extended office appointment lengths with no limits to follow-up visits.


Complete Office Care

Wellness and sick visits included.

Annual labs included.

Basic procedures and weight loss services included.



Deeply discounted lab, prescription and imaging costs.

No co-pays or surprise billing.

Special student, small business and ministry rates.


Easy Access

Same day/next day access.

In-office, telemedicine, text, home, and phone visits are available.

Unlimited communication with your provider.

Membership Benefits at a Glance

Invest in a Healthier Future.

Rates starting as low as $39/month for children and $79/month for adults.

I Have Insurance.

You can absolutely use your insurance for things like labs, medications, images, specialty visits, hospitalization visits, and more. The ONLY thing that your insurance can’t be used for is the low monthly subscription fee. 80-90% of your primary healthcare needs can be done here at Logos Health at no additional costs. Plus, you may be able to use your FSA/HSA account to cover your membership fee!

I  Do Not Have Insurance.

No problem! While we do recommend you carry health insurance, it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t have great health care. Healthcare should be affordable for all and that's why, you can get affordable high-quality care through us! You will never, ever be blindsided by a bill. If there are things that need doing outside of our clinic such as an image, or maybe a lab, then we contract with local providers to get you the best possible discounts.

I Have Medicare/Medicard.

You can absolutely use your Medicare or Medicaid for things like labs, medications, images, specialty visits, hospitalization visits, and more. The only thing that your insurance can’t be used for is our low month subscription fee. 


I really enjoyed having Alesha as my provider! She took the time to get to know me personally and correlate that to my medical needs. She is really great at getting to know the WHOLE patient - would recommend!

I'm An Employer/Ministry.

Increase your bottom line and retention rate by offering your employees/staff a direct primary care membership to keep them happy, healthy, and productive. Your employees get full direct access to our services with no copays or deductibles!


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